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 Definition of "paranormal" - Phenomena, observations, occurrences, etc: beyond the normal scope of scientific explanation.

 Our mission is to gather and document evidence of paranormal events. We operate as skeptics, so we will try to logically explain any evidence. What we cannot explain, we will accept as paranormal. Investigative techniques along with the type of equipment and how it is used greatly determines the quality and validity of potential evidence. There are many theories about how and why paranormal activity occurs. As part of our continuing education, we consider many theories and add equipment (as resources allow) to test these theories. To date, no one can scientifically prove paranormal activity. In order to be scientifically proven you must be able to recreate the results. For now, we use the participant-observation approach, "immersing oneself in the subject being studied, a researcher is presumed to gain understanding of the subject".

Most people have experienced at least one odd occurrence in their  lifetime that they have written off as unexplainable and forgotten. When these odd occurrences become frequent, people sometimes start to question their sanity and might be embarrassed to talk about it.  Having our own experiences we understand these feelings. What we can do for you is determine, to the best of our ability, if there is paranormal activity happening or find an alternative explanation.

We would be happy to analyze any evidence you have collected and give our input. Likewise, we welcome any input you might have about our evidence. We appreciate all opinions good or bad. We are only in search of the truth.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an investigation at no charge in East Central Illinois or West Central Indiana, please email: Mark Blank, founder.

email: mark.blank@easternillinoisparanormal.com

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